Non, rien de rien...
Oh wait.

Oui, je regrette tout.

Cut for rant and potentially triggery discussionCollapse )

Any of you seasoned writers ever regret something you wrote? What did you do?

EDIT: Just putting a warning here as well that comments include some discussion of rape and underage sex and while it's not particularly in-depth at the moment, discussions may head in directions which can be triggery.

Yavannie, the mosquito smörgåsbord.
Three nights in the countryside and I'm reminded why I don't ever, ever want to live there permanently. Back in the city, my husband can count 4 mosquito bites in total. Me? I lost count at 45. My left arm alone has more than 15 bites and there's even a few on my cheeks, making me look like some spotty teen.

If there's ever a vampire invasion, stay the fuck away from me because they'll be bloody swarming.

That strange feeling when...
yavannie82 know just what you want to write, and you're all worked up about it, wanting to get it out, wanting your fingers to just dance across the keyboard and then...


You keep checking facebook. You keep looking up a word here, changing a sentence around there, and you just never seem to get anywhere. I need to get this chapter to my beta by tomorrow, before I disappear from the Land of No Internets for a few days, and I'm starting to think it might not happen.

I think I screwed myself over with writing the end of the chapter before the beginning again.

And I keep thinking, this is fan-fucking-fiction. It's not exactly brain surgery, now is it?

It burnsss, it burnsss, my love!
How I feel after using cheap strips to wax my legs two days before I need to be absolutely stunning, and it now looks as though I've got measles.



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